How to Find a Good Graphic Designer

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “graphic designer?” What exactly does a graphic designer do and why do you need one? Why is finding a good graphic designer important for growing your business and how do you find a designer that best fits your business?

In this article we will briefly discuss the job description of a graphic designer. We will also discuss the best way to find a good graphic designer. We will explore finding a local graphic designer or a freelance graphic designer.

 So, what exactly does a graphic designer do?

A graphic designer is someone who creates visual content using computer software or by hand to get the attention of consumers. The goal is to inspire, inform and captivate their audience and ultimately convert their audience into customers.

A good graphic designer is someone with more than just skill. It is important to find out their creativity and work style. According to Hubspot, some good questions to ask a graphic designer are:

  1.     Describe your creative process.
  2.     How do you get unstuck creatively?
  3.     Tell us about a time when a client disliked your work.
  4.     How do you stay organized when provided multiple designs, assets, files, and ideas?
  5.     Tell us about a project which has been your greatest achievement.
  6.     What are the qualities you look for in a manager?

 When you are looking for a graphic designer be sure to look at their portfolio. Their portfolio should determine whether they are worth hiring and if they would fit into your business.

Local Graphic Designer vs Freelance Graphic Designer

What’s the difference between a local graphic designer and a freelance graphic designer? How do I decide who’s best for me?

 A local graphic designer can be beneficial when you’re targeting a local audience. A local designer already knows the area and your audience. Another reason to choose a local graphic designer would be that communication wouldn’t be affected by time zone differences, and you could meet in person. You could easily collaborate and consult, simply drop something off or review a project together.  You’re both in the same time zone so communication isn’t affected by zone differences or potential internet issues in a teleconference. Instead, you can meet in person.

Good Websites to Find a Local Graphic Designer

According to LinkedIn and Search Engine Journal some good websites to find a local graphic designer are:

  1. Communo

 Communo is a good place to look for designers who live in your area. You can post and search a wide online community of freelancers.

 Some of Communo’s key features are:

  • Built-in applicant tracking system so that you can keep an eye on the higher cycle
  • Freelancers can launch a free profile
  • Freelancers are verified and vetted
  1. Thumbtack

Thumbtack is another great place to find local graphic designers.

 Some of Thumbtack’s key features are:

  • Find local designers and professionals
  • Free cost estimates
  • Project guides written by Thumbtack pros
  1. Yelp

 Yelp is the top review site for local businesses. If you’re looking to hire a local graphic designer, Yelp is a great place to look.

Some of Yelp’s key features are:

  • Good place to find career opportunities
  • Find financial information
  • News and information about people and products

Good Websites to Find a Freelance Graphic Designer

 A freelance graphic designer is not employed by a specific company, but is someone who works on their own for many clients on a project basis.

 So, where exactly do you find a good freelance graphic designer?

 From, is this list of the top11 websites in 2021 to find a freelance designer:

  1.   Upwork

 On Upwork you can post a job listing and freelancers can respond to the post. You can also do your own search and reach out to a specific freelancer.

 Some of Upwork’s key features are:

  • Search filters to narrow down your search for a graphic designer
  • An online workspace to help you track your projects and the hours a freelancer works
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS to help manage freelancers
  1.   Freelancer

 On Freelancer you can use search filters to find graphic design freelancers who fit the job needs and reach out to them. You have the option to post jobs and screen the applicable freelancers. Another option on Freelancer is a platform where freelancers pitch their ideas, and you can select the best person for the job.

Some of Freelancer’s key features are:

  • Creates a design portfolio for each freelancer
  • Certification exams to verify a freelancer’s skills
  1.   Fiverr

 Fiverr is popular among small businesses to hire graphic designers. It has a user-friendly interface and large visual design categories. Fiverr can help you with all your design needs and make it easy to find a graphic designer.

Some Fiverr’s key features are:

  • Fiverr helps you identify the best-rated freelancers
  • Affordable with no membership fees
  • Multiple search filters to help you find the best designers
  1.   99designs

 99designs is a platform that offers freelancers for many different graphic design projects such as business card designs, logos, website designs and more! It is simple to just submit a project with a description of the requirements. The project is sent to a freelancer who will review the project and submit their pitches. Finally, you can select the freelance graphic designer that’s right for you.

 Some of 99design’s key features include:

  • Hold contests where you can select the best graphic design freelancer
  • Every freelance designer has been vetted and screened
  1.     Toptal

 Toptal is very selective with who they allow on their platform. First, you can submit your job requirements. Second, someone from the Toptal team will be in touch with you. Third, the Toptal team selects graphic design freelancers who fit your job description. Finally, you can select your top candidates from that list.

Some of Toptal’s key features include:

  • The Toptal team does the work so that you don’t have to search and screen freelancers
  • Freelancers are familiar with many tools such as Google apps and project management software
  • Toptal has a strict screening process
  1.   Guru

 On Guru you can post a job and receive quotes from potential freelance candidates. You can then browse your options and reach out to the freelancer directly.

 Some Guru key features include:

  • Detailed and extensive screening process of each graphic designer
  • Affordable with no membership fees
  1.   PeoplePerHour

 PeoplePerHour is a UK-based company and a place where you can find many graphic designers to help you with all your graphic design needs. You can submit a project and freelancers will send a quote, Purchase packages are pre-set by freelancers. Finally, identify the freelancer that is best for your project and get in touch with them directly.

 Some PeoplePerHour key features include:

  • Graphic design freelancers have pre-set packages, so you don’t have to do any negotiating
  • Graphic designers are required to be familiar with Adobe Creative Suite
  1.   Dribbble

 Dribbble allows graphic designers to showcase their work to potential clients. You can browse through a freelancer’s portfolio and contact them directly if you see a project you like. Submit your project to Dribbble and their team will send you a list of graphic designers that fit your job description. You can then contact the freelancer directly and get a quote from them.

 Some of Dribbble’s key features include:

  • Dribbble is selective with their freelancer membership and is only on a invite-only basis
  • Built in communication option to interact with freelancers about your project
  • Just submit your projects and Dribbble does all the work!
  1.   LinkedIn ProFinder

 LinkedIn ProFinder is a new space to find freelancers. Currently, this platform is only available to U.S-based LinkedIn members.  Submit your job description and LinkedIn will send you potential freelancers. LinkedIn will start with the graphic design freelancers in your network and your mutual networks first. You can then reach out to the freelancer of your choice.

 Some of LinkedIn ProFinder’s key features include:

  • LinkedProFinder does the work to quickly connect you to good graphic design freelancers
  • Directly message freelancers through LinkedInProFinder and build a connections
  1.   DesignHill

DesignHill is a popular platform to find a graphic designer. This platform offers a few different options when you’re hiring a graphic designer. First, you can hold a contest and choose the designers that impressed you. Second, you can choose built in graphic design services offered by designers on DesignHill. Third, you can directly contact a freelancer for a specific project.

 Some key DesignHill features include:

  • Hold design contests for freelancers to submit a quote and you can hire the best one for you
  • DesignHill has a built-in team of graphic designers who can work on your projects
  • You can ask for endless revisions without extra fees and a 100% refund guarantee if you don’t like the work
  1.   Twine

Twine specializes in creative and digital freelancers. You can browse freelancers profiles before hiring them. Freelancers can respond to your job posts. 

Some of Twine’s key features include:

  • Unlimited pitch limit to clients with not transaction fees
  • You only pay if you hire a freelancer and not before
  • Twine has a good customer support team

Interview Questions to Ask a Graphic Designer

 Before hiring a graphic designer, here are some good questions to ask in an interview:

  • How did you hear about our company?
  • What do you know about us?
  • How would you apply your previous work to this position?
  • When was the first time you realized you wanted to work in graphic design?
  • How would you handle negative client feedback?
  • Are you comfortable with the design programs you would be expected to use in this position?
  • This job will require interactions with clients daily. Are you comfortable with that?

 Graphic designers are essential to building the image of your business and brand. Hopefully, this information is helpful when it comes to finding and hiring the best graphic designer for your business.

Graphic Design Chicago is here to help with all your graphic design needs. Contact us today and let’s get started together!

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