Customized Banners

At Graphic Design Chicago we know how important quality graphic design is, and a good banner is no exception. We offer many different types of banners with varying price points and uses. Contact us today so that we can help you find the best possible option for your business.

Indoor Banners

Our indoor banners are most frequently made with fabric in order to display the best and brightest colors, while also utilizing a highly durable material. Indoor banners can include wall-mounted displays, banners with stands, foam board banners, and much more. There is no lack of options for indoor banners and that’s why it’s important to find out which combination is the best for what you’re trying to accomplish.

Outdoor Banners

Outdoor banners are a great option for advertising, sending a message, displaying an image, and more. Our outdoor banners can be customized anyway you would like them, and at any size. Outdoor banners cannot always be made using fabric, especially in places with high winds. To combat this, we often use mesh in places with high winds, or even construct “wind slits” in fabric banners to allow air to flow through them. We offer these banners in a multitude of variations. For example, double sided banners perfect for street lights, banners made for hanging on walls and fences, and even flag-type banners made to be flowing in the wind. We will figure out what option is best for you. 

Blank Outdoor Advertising

Increase Your Presence

Banners have many different purposes and abilities, which is why we offer such a wide variety. One of the most prevalent uses of our banners is for advertising purposes. Banners allow you to convey a message or display an image in a cheap yet effective manner. Contact us today and find how banners can help your business.

Retractable Banners – Economic & Premium

Retractable banners offer specific benefits that could be the perfect fit for your business. These types of banners are portable, easy to set up, and are perfect for multiple situations. Take for example, booths or retail shopping centers, this is an example of a time a retractable banner would be perfect. These banners are offered by Graphic Design Chicago in two different packages, the economy retractable banner and the premium retractable banner. The economy version is cheaper in price, but also lacks durability when compared to the premium. Which is better for you? This depends entirely on what your business is and what your banner will be used for. Contact us today for a consultation and quote! 

Banners – Fabric

Fabric Banners are one of the most useful forms of banner, especially for indoor use. Although they can be higher in price, fabric banners are lightweight, wrinkle resistant and are easily stored. These banners also deliver vivid colors, clear images, and have no-glare functionality. These can be made to any size and be used for virtually any indoor application.

Banners with Stand

Banners are useful to everyone, but stands are on more of a need-basis. With that said, when they are needed, their importance cannot be overlooked. Stands can be adjustable in size, easily portable, double or single sided, and much more. These types of banners are perfect for pop up shops, exhibits, and a multitude of other situations. With easy assembly and storage capabilities, our portable stands are perfect for whatever it is you want to display. We all know how important banners are, but having it displayed the correct way is half the battle. Contact us today so we can analyze what banner and stand can help you best display your message.

Business Card Graphic Design Services

At Graphic Design Chicago, we want to help you take full advantage of all the benefits that great graphic design entails. We are confident that any business can benefit from a quality banner, and want to help determine which one is best for you. Reach out to us today to get started!