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There is no limit to what the graphic designers at Graphic Design Chicago can help you create. We create assets for various platforms and mediums in order to build awareness of your brand. We offer graphic design services for print and graphic design services for websites. Whether you are looking for a brand-new logo, flyers, a new website, or business cards, our talented graphic design team is ready to help you.

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What We Offer?

Web Design

At Graphic Design Chicago, we have a full team of experienced web designers on staff that work alongside our graphic designers to handle all of your web design needs, including UX/UI Design, Web Development, and App Development.

UX/UI Design

Your graphic design on your website needs to be beautiful, but it also needs to be functional. Our team of web developers ensures that your website’s UX and UI design are premium in order to give your users a high-quality experience. 

Web Development

Our web development team works hand-in-hand with our graphic designers to create a visually stunning, yet user-friendly. We partner with clients to create high-quality websites with stunning graphics that exceed their expectations.

App Development

Graphic Design Chicago offers app development services to create apps that look amazing, are functional, and most importantly, that users enjoy. Our app developers can create your very own app for the Apple or Android store.

Annual Reports

Don’t use a boring annual report template. Graphic Design Chicago creates annual reports for your business. Whether you need something more professional to impress your stakeholders, or a more casual and fun design, we work with you to create the perfect annual report for your business. 


Graphic Design Chicago specializes in creating brochures for businesses in a variety of industries. We design brochures that are packed full of information in a visually appealing manner to pique interest in your brand and grow traffic, either online or in-person. Get stunning brochures to promote your business! 


We use our graphic design and storytelling professionalism to create visually appealing and informative booklets for your business. Our graphic design team will collaborate with you to determine your needs and create a booklet that encapsulates your brand. We offer booklets in various sizes, bindings, and paginations. 

Business Cards

Even in today’s digital world, you still need business cards. Get professional business cards from Graphic Design Chicago that are worth holding on tt. We make business cards that help you close deals. We can add your logo and other images to create a personalized, persuasive business card. Whether you need an ultra-professional, fun, or cute business card, we’ve got it covered.

Branded Elements

The first step of any graphic design strategy is creating Branded Elements. Branded Elements are important for a cohesive brand identity and also recognition in the marketplace. Graphic Design Chicago is known for creating brand elements that will increase brand awareness in the marketplace for years to come.


Showcase your products in a stunning catalog from Graphic Design Chicago. Catalogs are a sleek, polished way of displaying your products in a cohesive manner. Our expert catalog designers are ready to create the perfect catalog for your business to help you sell more of your products and services!

Collateral Materials

Collateral materials are the media you use to convey a message about your company to an audience in order to build brand awareness and increase sales. They may include branded promotional items, ebooks, and more. Graphic Design Chicago creates whatever collateral materials you need to promote your business, featuring your very own logo and images!

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity is a complete graphic design solution that you use to promote your company. Your corporate identity consists of three main elements: your logo, business card, and memorandum. Graphic Design Chicago specializes in creating an unforgettable corporate identity for brands across the country.

Direct Mail

In today’s digital world, direct mail can still go a long way with potential clients. Whether you are looking to connect with new customers, or go the extra mile with your existing clients, direct mail is the best choice. Graphic Design Chicago creates direct mailers that boast a high open rate and are highly memorable. 

Email Graphics

Dazzle your email subscribers and boost your open rates with Email Graphics from Graphic Design Chicago. Your email marketing is more than just the text inside the email. We can create customized email graphics for your business to use over and over again.


Graphic Design Chicago creates envelopes that stand out from the junk mail. Personalized envelope design can increase your open rates! You can choose to include an ad space, a call-to-action, or a logo on your envelopes designed by Graphic Design Chicago.


Promote your business with flyers that you can post anywhere and everywhere. A flyer is typically your first point of contact with a new client, so it needs to look amazing. Graphic Design Chicago creates flyers for events, new businesses, or any reason you need. 


Graphic Design Chicago creates invitations for birthdays, weddings, engagements, milestones, office parties, holidays, or any other event you can think of! We design custom invitations for any occasion, in any style. Our team creates memorable invitations with custom typefaces and illustrations for your upcoming event.


Your business needs a professional and appealing letterhead for any official correspondence or documentation. Professional letterheads send a consistent brand message. Graphic Design Chicago creates customized letterheads featuring your logo and branding that is completely you. 

Logo Design

Graphic Design Chicago helps your brand stand out from the crowd with a custom-designed logo that fits your brand personality. Whether you have a brand-new company that needs a logo, or your outdated logo needs a refresh, we can come up with some original logo designs for your company that you will love.

Media Kits

Create a Media Kit that stands out for your business with Graphic Design Chicago. Our media kits are the best in the business. Get a completely customized Media Kit that is designed specifically for your business.


If you have an excellent idea for a magazine, but no idea how to design it or lay it out, we are here to help. Whether you are just beginning, or have content and images to put together, we can help you combine it all into one magnificent magazine. 

Marketing Materials

Get custom marketing materials including postcards, brochures, flyers, and more from Graphic Design Chicago. Add a personal touch to your traditional marketing materials with our team, who will work with you to add your own features, like your logo and other images. 


Newsletters are a must for every business, whether you’re sharing your latest article or promoting a new product. Don’t use a boring template: instead, let the team at Graphic Design Chicago create a tailor-made newsletter specifically for you!


Get packaging that buyers can’t wait to open from Graphic Design Chicago. We create custom brand packaging solutions that you will love. Packaging is more than just pretty. Whether you want an ultra-stylish or a more safe option, our team will design the perfect packaging for your business. 


Our point-of-purchase graphics utilize creative design and appealing imagery to grab a consumer’s attention. Get point-of-purchase displays that will inspire your customers to grab another item at the checkout from Graphic Design Chicago.


Whether you want to raise awareness about an upcoming event or grab everyone’s attention in your local coffee shop, posters are the best option. Posters rely on their design and images to tell a story, so trust the professional graphic design team at Graphic Design Chicago.


If you have an upcoming presentation, prepare with professionally designed presentation materials from Graphic Design Chicago. We create presentation folders and other visuals that will help you woo a new client or investor. 

Rack Cards

A rack card is a simple and effective promotional piece typically found in local hotels and other hotspots. Get the best rack cards to promote your business from Graphic Design Chicago! We create aesthetically appealing and information rack cards for any business.

Sell Sheets

If you want to sell your product or service in just one page, you need a sell sheet from Graphic Design Chicago. Our team of graphic designers will develop and create a sales sheet design that you will love. Our sell sheets are visually enticing, easy to read, and effective.


A logo is typically displayed as a sign at your physical location. Your sign might be the first thing that potential customers see, so make sure that it is great with Graphic Design Chicago. We design engaging and effective signage for a large variety of businesses.

Identity Packages

Create a robust brand identity package with Graphic Design Chicago. Our identity packages include a set of digital and physical resources that establish your image. Whether you have a brand-new business, are considering a brand refresh, or launching a major marketing campaign, we can help.

Trade Show Booths

Have the best booth at the trade show when you partner with Graphic Design Chicago. We create innovative, high-quality trade show displays, portable exhibits, banner stands, and of course, trade show booths to display your products and services.

Digital Marketing

At Graphic Design Chicago, our skills extend beyond just graphic design. We also offer a variety of digital marketing services to help you promote and share your exciting new content with the world. From creating content to social media, we do it all for you.

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Social Media

Our Social Media services involve creating attractive posts for your social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and more. Never worry about what to post again when Graphic Design Chicago is creating endless amounts of creative content for your social media channels.

Creation Promotion Strategy

Graphic Design Chicago not only creates graphics and content for you, but can also create and execute a strategy to promote your content. Our promotion strategies involve building brand awareness, persuading consumers to try your products or services, providing valuable information, retaining loyal customers, or any other goals you want to achieve.

Daily Photo Posting

In order to gain a following on social media, you need to post every single day. That’s right: our team not only creates photos and graphics, but will also post them for you. Leave the daily photo posting up to us!

Web Analysis & Market Research

If you need a leg up on the competition, or are not sure how to get started, Graphic Design Chicago will conduct Web Analysis and Market Research for you. This helps us create a plan for your website and graphic design strategy.

Every Day Writing Posts

Don’t worry about writing your posts on a daily basis. Instead, let the professional content creators at Graphic Design Chicago write your social media posts for you. We know how to write social media content that converts.

Monthly Content Plan

At Graphic Design Chicago, we create monthly content plans to organize and schedule your content ahead of time. Our content plans are based on the latest data of the best times to post. We do all the hard work, and all you have to do is approve it!

Unique Instagram Page Design

In order to stand out on Instagram, you need a unique page design. Graphic Design Chicago can curate your Instagram page to ensure that your grid is cohesive and color-coordinated. Our services also extend to graphics and posting for your Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels.

Photographer For Your Instagram

No more having your friends take your Instagram photos for you! If you need someone to take stunning photos for your Instagram, you have found the right place. We have photographers on staff to create striking visuals for your Instagram account.

Digital Marketing Ads

Promote your business with Digital Marketing Ads from Graphic Design Chicago. Our graphic design and advertising teams work together to create ads that people can’t wait to click on. Our ads showcase your products, services, and brand to the right audience to help you gain followers, increase traffic, and create more conversions.

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